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xcm slim tool/magic switch

Discussion in 'PS2 - Software boot discussion' started by kronik42o, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. kronik42o

    kronik42o Guest

    hey all, i recently bought the magic switch for my 77001b and it arrived as the xcm slim tool v.3...the guy said it's the same though so i installed it...everything works but the metal tool will not stay in place when i close the lid...it swings clockwise. pretty sure i didn't bend it out of shape but i was wondering if i bend that metal flap over and use the older style plastic piece instead...would this work with my pstwo? (in this pic there is 1 metal tool, a pair of sensor blockers, a pair of disc brake blockers and 1 other plastic tool..which is the one i'm talking about. far right in the picture) http://www.thegiantstore.com/browseproducts/Replacement-PSTwo-XCM-Slim-Tool-V3-Pro.html
  2. kronik42o

    kronik42o Guest

    can anyone verify this?
  3. kronik42o

    kronik42o Guest

    please anyone?

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