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Ok I'm admitting I'm a little naive and dont fully understand all this. I have had a eurovox before which worked fine with loads of channels and ive set this up myself so can usually works this stuff out. I bought a Starview Combo HD last
and did get HD channels, again set this up myself. Obviously since N3 its not working and i get there is no fix
but there is talk on here of different boxes mainly dream? and kryptview? can i just clear up if either of these boxes will get non FTA channels with the current N3 situation.
My question really is if they do which one can i get to work with my virgin package and if its possible in anyway to get my current starview working whether its off sat side or cable.
I have read loads of the other forums and they dont reall answer my question fully hence why i'm asking.
any help would be great.
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dunno about starview the cable side deffo wont work as the server has gone, kryptview works fine on virgin but must be connected to the internet to unscramble n3 channels also its not in hd (yet)
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