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Audio or sound is cracky or distorted/scratchy or rubbish

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I dont have no idea whats the problem!!!!! I only know that the softwares are ok and check every driver and still ok, but I dont know about the hardware.... I am not good with hardware...

Well the problem is that the audio or the sound is very scratchy or distorted... even playing windows media player or playing video on is very distorted.... I checked every sound driver in dxdiag..... and all my driver in the sound card is updated... but still i dont know whats the problem...... so I assume thats the hardware is different but I dont where to start....

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check your eq levels, mixer (speaker icon in taskbar) settings, and volume on your speakers or amp. let us know :)
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How many speakers do you have. I ask because say that you have 5.1 speakers and your settings are for 2.1 you may get distorted audio. also double check that the audio jacks from the speaker are plugged in correctly, a loose or mismatched jack will also distort the audio.
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Another thing you can try to rule out a hardware problem is to bootup with a linux livecd and see if you still have distorted sound.
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