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Headset Sound Issue

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I have a problem where the audio the people hear from my headset is squealing. Originally I thought it was the headset itself, but I just purchased a newer one and that didn't work either, so now I'm thinking its the sound card. Any ideas?

Right now I'm using my motherboard's sound, and I started using a TekRepublic TH Pro gaming headset.
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Never mind, I fixed the issue. Please close this topic.
how did you fix it so that others may learn from that problem?
With the new headset it came with software that allowed me to adjust the feedback with a new mixer. I was able to get the right settings.
I actually have a newer issue that I wasn't expecting. A day after use I put my computer to sleep, now the computer doesn't even see the headset as headset anymore, but as an unknown USB device. I've tried uninstalling and rebooting and it won't get back to normal.
try a system restore to before this started. was there a windows update recently installed?
There was, but this happened before I did the update. I figured the update would help, but that didn't work either.
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