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'starter' inkjet cartridge vs normal

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I'm wondering how much of a difference there is between the starter inkjet cartridge and a normal replacement one. The manual says that the first time you use a starter it uses extra ink to fill the print tubes, separately it says the starter's yield is 65% of the replacement cartridge.

But it doesn't specifie whether it's %65 because of needing to fill the tubes or because it starts with less ink. I want to test what the page yield is of a normal cartridge right way . I was wondering if I could just put in a replacement cartridge first thing to start testing how many pages I should normally expect from the printer.

But does the filling of the tubes really use so much ink that it would significantly throw off the results? Would it be smarter to use the starter first,fill the tubes and wait till it's done, then replace it with a normal one and start testing ? Or, if the ink in both is the same, would it not make any difference?

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the starter is usually just for setup purposes.. and will probably print the nice paper that comes free.. and thats that.. .. look for a replacement tank system for your printer and save a fortune soon as.

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