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Galaxy SIII run iOS

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Apologies in advance.

Without going into to much detail at this moment. I like my iPhone4 however the Samsung galaxy S3 seems to have a lot to offer. If I got the galaxy and didn't like there any relem of possibly "jail breaking" or a process similar iOS onto the Galaxy?

I just thought it could be quite cool.



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why the hell would you want to put that crap on decent hardware?.. seriously.. your "I don't like android" comes from what experience?.. trying one full of phone company bloatware in a shop??.. never going to happen.. not in the lifetime of either device (about 6 months these days) because the crapple garbage iToss only supports their proprietary hardware.. You have a lot more chance putting android on your iTampon :)

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I think you should re-read my posed questions. Key word was"if" as I have no android experience....and henceforth asked if such software could be crossed over between devices.

It's not an English lesson however, on the aspect of reading and writing use capitals appropriately in your next rant. For now ill assume you wrote using an android device and we can blame that.
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"Dishing out slices of paincake, where you won't want seconds of that."
if both used same hardware\chipset then maybe ios can ne put on but as both are totally different hardware\chipset then no go. is like trying to install windows on a non intel cpu mac computer, it won't work.
Makes sense. Cheers Ddp.

"Dishing out slices of paincake, where you won't want seconds of that."
no problem.
It makes no sense put IOS to it, even if it were possible. If you want Apple buy it.

Only if you are not satisfied with the Android menu solutions. How about custom ROM:s, or something a simple Launcher that mimics a IOS (If it exists)? Android is highly customizable operating system.

For example, MIUI is one like that. It copies the IOS menu structure, still including all Android features.

However, phones rootting needs a little familiarization. Google tells more. Or:

Warning, do not do anything if you are not sure what are you doing. It is possible to make brick for it.
Originally posted by Famouskid7:
Take a look into this
I'm not a big fan of customizing the OS so that it looks like another OS. Such solutions tend to be limited, unstable, and overall crappy. You get the worst of both worlds.

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