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Invalid block error multipul burners nero 10

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Hi i just insalled nero 10 and three new dvdrw Sony drives in to my pc , i burnt just over 100 all together from all three drives and i get from nero: invalid block error. on one of the drivers.

1 DVD RW drive is hooked up by sata on to my main controller on my MB and the other to PCI-E addon card, to split the bandwith.. to make sure there is no bottlenecks.

Things i have tryed

1.Disbleing DMA
2.Running just two drives didnt work :(
3.tryed other software, cd burner xp and couple of others.
4.updated all drivers
5.fresh install of windows xp and 7 x64

any idea would be much apped :)
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only on one drive eh/.. tried swapping the cables and seeing if the problem switches or stays with the drive?

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yeah on one drive were strange tbh, so i decided to swap all the drives on to one controller on the mobo, and it seems to have gone away, but i can only burn at @ 10x :( but i gess that is down to running so many drives... and before i got the block error i could burn at 48x. but i am thinking it may be something to do with bandwith?
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