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I bought nero 11 recently. not much help with tech support ( open chat line )I faced two problems 1/ how to convert MP4 files from hard drive to DVD that can play on any DVD
2/ When I add files from hard drive to make DVD in nero 11 everything works but the files remain when i make another DVD. How do I remove the old files without deleting them from my hard drive.

If anyone can advise?
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Best read the manual to see whether it can convert mp4 to dvd compliant,i see it does the opposite so should be able to go in reverse if not there's plenty of free 3rd party software that can do it,the three listed below are only a fraction & safe to install as in no spyware as far as i know,well avast doesn't flag them
freemake video converter
all free dvd

delete them from inside the nero window,so when you see those files still there highlight the lot & clik delete button,for lack of a better way of putting it, it deletes the playlist not the source files..*puts hand behind back & crosses fingers*

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Thanks for your advise. hope for the best.
moved to correct forum as not a "copy dvd to dvdr" issue.
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