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Subtitles not appearing from MKV in WMP12

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I'm using Win7 64bit which is up-to-date, Windows Media Player 12, Haali Media Splitter to read the MKV, FFDShow to decode and has DirectVobSub installed. I have an MKV of a film with various subtitles in the file. One of these will be selected in Haali, subs will be set to on in WMP12 but no joy. I have checked the file in VLC player which produces the subs OK, but I really want it to work in WMP.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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You shouldn't be multi-posting this; if anything, bump your original thread.

Ah, thanks. I know I'd posted this question but couldn't find where and hadn't had an e-mail saying there was a reply. My mistake.
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