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Trying to rip the Star Wars Saga on Blu-Ray

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I've tried three times now to rip/convert the Phantom Menace using DVDfab and Handbrake.

I selected all the default options in DVDfab then in Handbrake I always just select high profile. I forgot to add subtitles the first time, the second time I went to the subtitles tab, the only selection available from the drop down was "foreign audio search (bitmap)" so I slected that and ticked burned in which did nothing. I tried again with forced only and still nothing.

What am I doing wrong? I want to make sure I've got this right before I try a forth time as it takes 9 hours for every attempt :(
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I thought I'd have more luck on the subtitle board since my problem is with subtitles.
Honestly, you are only going to get a reply from any of about 6 or so members and that is it regardless of where you post it. A second thread just confuses the issue and it is best to keep the discussion to a single thread.

And attar is probably the best guy to help you. I haven't done any ripping/encoding in a long time.
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