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I installed bootcamp on my imac. I found i needed more room for my windows 7.

I deleted bootcamp partition on mac side and set new partition - mac 500 gb, and windows - 475 gb. I reloaded win 7, went to my computer, and it said C ( bootcamp) 455 gb, Mac - 480gb, That was great.

I re-imaged from a saved image, everything came back working perfectly. I went to " my computer " and C drive says 141 gb, ( exactly where it was before i re-partitioned). Mac - 475 gb. Where did the other 375 gb go on windows side?

Can't find it in windows, but i go back into Mac, and disc utility has it as Mac - 500gb, windows 475 gb.

The total gigs are estimates ( but within a few ). I know others have had this problem, but really having a hard time finding a solution that fits my prob to a tee.

I tried it with Winclone, same results.

I also downloaded gparted live, ran it, and it recognizes the the 2 drives. Mac - 477 gig, windows 463 gig, but windows still seeing 141 gig.

Running snow leopard 10.6.6, intel i5, 8gb ram

I am hoping someone here may have had this prob before. Thanks.
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your problem is your running snow leopard and boot camp for snow leopard is designed for windows vista and windows xp not windows 7
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