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Hi, Can anyone tell my how to stop my computer from rebooting after I shut it down, within 1 minute of shutting it down it reboots automatically.
I am running windows vista on it, I have searched windows web site,and tried windows help for a solution but have no success.
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You shut down aka power off the PC, and then it reboots itself? Just want to make sure everyone's on the same page; not come across this before.

Yeah Ripper thats exactly what is happening, the first time it happened I thought i was after hitting the restart button, its quiet wierd as it can be shut down for as long 30 seconds before booting up again, bloody gremlins
Download and run hijack this with your PC booted up normally, and then post the log here. I think it's probably more likely a virus/malware issue than something hardware but we'll see.

Tried that Ripper. Downloaded and ran hijack this,the following error message occured while running the program....For some reason your system denied write access to the hosts file. "If any hijacked domains are in this file, hijack this may not be able to fix this."
try it in safemode.
hjt is only a 32 bit program and will give that message on 64 bit machines.just disregard it.
got log using safe mode however its a page & a half long, is there any way that I can post it as an attachment???
Originally posted by ddp:
try it in safemode.

Your computer may be encountering a blue screen when you shut down your machine. The default action after encountering a blue screen is for your system to restart. As a first step try visiting your computer manufacturer's website to find the support/download section. Then download and install the latest available drivers for your computer's hardware.

Berry Martin
Thanks Berry Martin Thats not the problem, I have Blue Screen View installed on the computer and anytime I open it there are no items inside.
That leads me to believe that I dont have a blue screen of death problem.
The computer never crashes this only happens at shutdown
I had a similar problem with my computer rebooting all the time.It was caused by a program I had installed on it.I had to uninstall each program to see which one was causing the problem.It turned out to be the Nero program causing it.After I re-installed Nero and did an update my problem went away.

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Thanks JST 1946. Will check that out as I also have nero on my computer will let you know how I get on.Cheers
try system restore to before the problem started.
ive had a similar problem on a pentium 2 computer running windows 98.had to hold down the power button after shutdown (for about 40secs) or it would just reboot.

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Unable to do a system restore as one of the kids decided to recoop some space on the external hard drive I use for backing up purposes, to save some computer games he downloaded. Unfortunatley my system backup was one of the items he got rid of.
At this stage I think I will just have to reformat and start all over again. Thanks for all the inputs much appreciated
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