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Just got my R4i Gold but it wont work

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I have the latest firmware on my NDSi (1.45) but I get the press power and troubleshoot error. I downloaded the firmware from their site although my flash cart came with it on it and it still doesnt work. I have the R4i Gold pro. Also it says "metroid prime hunters demo" on the main screen , is that normal?

This is for my daughter for christmas , obviously the card was late getting here so I was pissed about that, not it gets here and I cant get it to work. Any help appreciated , thanks all

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I have the same problem, but with a different card. r4i-3ds
go to the website that is on the card to update the card, hopefully then it will work.

It is ok that is says "metroid prime hunters demo" it is normal.
Good luck
as stated I did that but no dice
Im sorry I should of read that.

We are in the same boat. I am about ready to get my ds lite back. No one is really helping us out. I have been searching for 3 hours for something me or us.
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ya, this sucks man, let me know if you find a fix. I googled it , think I found a fix and realize its a bunch of shit from 2010 or something
ok, Ill have to look for a dsl now I guess. thanks
thats where I got my patch from, why is it you need a dsl to update, and by dsl Im guessing you mean a dsi xl?
ok, I found someone local whos selling a dsl. does that work regardless of the version of firmware? If so Ill by that and have it for whenever I face this issue.
it will be easier on a normal ds or ds lite as these cant be updated so your good to go, and everyone knows someone who has a ds/l they could borrow for 5 mins
ok, good to know, I may just buy a ds/l so I can be independent from borrowing, thanks guys
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