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need Help Nintendo DSi XL

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My Nintendo DSi XL software version 4.1E. I have orderd a R4i Gold Upgrade 3DS Revolutions SDHC (R4DS) Multimedia Card for Nintendo DSi, 3DS, NDSL, NDSI,.My Question is?, is this going to work on my Nintendo DSi XL. and what is the process to do this..

If someone can help i would very much appreciate it. thanks
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can you tell me the official site of your card, the site is printed on the card. is your card this r4i gold 3ds card: after you find out the official site, you need to download the official firmware from the official site and then put the firmware files in the root of your sd card. then put your games on the sd card, start playing.
Hi Shalome i dont have the card yet this is link to where im bidding on the card (

i would like to know if this card will work before i purchase it. Sorry about posting this tread 2 times it was a mistake and was not done intentionally, i could not remove the second post

just add the w's in beginning of bidorbuy, Im not allowed to put the link on the site that bid will be closing soon

thanks Hamish
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ok, i just did some research on the internet and finally found the office site of your card, check here: and try to use the firmware from the site, see if it is working. This card is not a good card, but the site says that the card can work on the 3ds and dsi latest firmware, so if it is working, just take a try.
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hi what do you think of R4i Dual Core card??
No, i do not recommend other R4 card, if you want to buy a flash cart, i would only recommend either dstwo card or r4i gold 3ds card. dstwo is the best with full features, such as play gba games with slot-1, real time save, real time cheat, if you need those features, just choose dstwo, dstwo is also the most expensive one. About the r4i gold card,only recommend the one released by r4ids,cn, this one: Wood official support, always work on the latest games, working great on the latest dsi and 3ds firmware. For other cards, they always have update problem.
Thanks Shalome for all your trouble, I have already placed order on bidorbuy website for that R4i_Gold_Upgrade_3DS_Revolutions. i live in South Africa In a small town and when we try ot order this type of cards the people look at you and laugh ??

We from a second world country and battle to find the right product, even i have no experience on these products...

I will wait for the card and try it out..

Thanks again..for all your trouble

will talk to you latter

Hamish Mather
You are always welcome!
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