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Is any one here selling a WORKING laser disc player "CHEAP"? I would like one with an RF OUT and yellow,red/white pin jack outs with remote if possible. I do not need anything complicated. Something like a dvd player is fine. An A/B auto flip function would be nice. Does a single sided disc hold a typical 2 hour movie? If not how much is one one side. Are there 2 sided discs negating auto flip? If you are local I can pick it up. Postal money order for payment. I do NOT have a PP account.
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I have a Pioneer CLD-S104 laser disc player, would be willing to part with cheap. Works great (the last time I used it - quite some time ago). It is a simple put the disc in and play. No auto flip, you get to do that manually. Time on a side depends on recording speed, CLV vs CAV.

Postage to ship is a problem vs value of the item. No one want to bid on eBay for example (have tried). I would do local pick up for cash only. Where are you. Dayton, OH here.
No thanks. You are too far away.
No problem.
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