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Want to rip blu-ray discs with dual-audio

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Alright so I'm new to blu-ray ripping and i tried a couple programs. So far, none of them did what i want or at least I'm not sure what settings i need to enable and whatnot.

Basically, what i want to do is make a backup of an anime blu-ray disc. How i want to do it is rip each episode to have both the English and Japanese language with the subtitle option in one file. I also want those episodes either in 1080p or 720p without it taking a ridiculous amount of space either.

I would really appreciate some help on that, thanks in advance!
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DDVFab or ANYDVD or both,as for amount of space conversion is your only option or get a larger hdd which you'll need anyway it don't take much to fill a 2tb drive

for the single file option most probably mkv would be the best bet or perhaps mp4 the mkv can have menu's as well

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Hmm okay, well i was actually trying out DVDFab just now, it works really great. The only problem is that i tried the mkv.remux option and i can select both languages, but after i rip it, when i play the file theres no audio.

So then, i tried settings other than mkv.remux and i can only select one language (a little dot that fills blue when selected) and then the quality and audio is good.

But i really am looking for a way to have both languages + subtitles in them. That would be just perfect. Can anyone shed some light on that?
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