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Can i burn CD-R for second time.. Its possible only in FRONTECH CD's... WHY?

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1. Is there any cd in which we can burn the cd twice, so that at the second burn, we can delete the cd contents completely before burning? Also , READ MANY times, characteristics

( i know that there is WRITE ONCE READ MANY cds...)

2. In a general, in REWRITTABLE CD, can i disable the writing (burning) of cd , after two times... if so , pls send me the link to program in such a way....

3. I have a SONY CD, in which i have already burnt, i have lot of free space in it.... its CD-R.... when i try to burn for the second time , i coudnt it...

Whereas i have the same CD-R of a company named FRONTECH-PLUS... in which i can burn any number of times since there is lot of memory space.....

Why is it so....? is such re-burning a advantage or disadvantage....

can i change some settings to make the same CD-R to get ready for second burn....
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You can make a multi session disk with any kind of cd or dvd. Meaning you can write files to a disk close the session but don't finalize the disk. This allows you to write on the remaining space of the disk. This is only on option if you do a data disk.

A RW disk with do #1

For scenario #2 I would recommend starting with an RW and when you want to keep it as is, just copy the disk to a recordable only disk.

Disk are becoming a thing of the past and most people have switched to usb memory sticks. They are much more flexible to use.

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