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How to resize mp4 video

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Can someone tell me the best software to resize an mp4 video. The current resolution is 1920x800 but I want it at 1920x1080. What ca I use to achieve this?
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Your display should automatically upscale the image to the highest output available to it. I was looking before at up-scaling some of my BD rips from 720p to 1080p, and got many responses from the really technically advanced, and they said that most displays now can upscale images better than any software/ up-scaling player can.

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The problem is I need to have 720 or 1080 as my TV wont display at 800.

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You tv should automatically adjust the image.
Use the likes of AviDemux to add 140 pixel black border top and bottom.

The most likely answer is that when the video was encoded the person who did it cut out the top and bottom borders. This is a good idea because they use up bitrate which is better spent on actual video. On the real bluray the resolution would be 1080, but that's including the borders. Should play just fine though.
Holy carp I didn't know that 1080 is with borders. So in a way its not really 1080?

I busted a mirror and got seven years bad luck, but my lawyer thinks he can get me five.
Well it's 1080p, but 140 lines of it on top and bottom are taken up by black borders in many cases because movies are not shot to any exact standard ratio. The wider the wide screen, the more border is needed to keep video from being chopped out on your TV, and therefore less is available for the video.
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