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AVI-Video File Corrupted

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I was following the instructions on this thread: because it seemed pretty much my problem, until some point...

Anyway I couldnt open the file, just as dan0el couldnt!

The difference is that I was recording this video on my webcam when my neighbor thrown a brick on my laptop (the one that was recording). Now I need this as police evidence, but the video in which she threw the brick on the laptop is the one corrupted!

Guys, Im freaking desperate, and I already spent the night trying VirdtualDub, VirtualDubMod, VirtualDubMPEG and all the sugestions on the thread I mentioned above.

I just have to believe that has to be a way of a 1,96GB video having at least one usable frame.

Just one more information, before she threw the brick on the computer and it felt, she had already thrown a bunch of other bricks in my property, so for the police it doesnt have to be exactly that last second of film, but any part that shows her throwing stuff. The computer is working fine, I had to connect to a monitor because the screen is busted, but other than that is normal!

Thank you guys in advance!!
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Post at the VideoHelp site.
Be prepared to tell them the codec used in the AVI file.
where is this forum?

When I open a video made with the same webcam it is saved as AVI and when I show the FileInformation on VirtualDub is says:

Decompressor: internal DIB decoder (YuY2)

I don't think this is the codec, but I doin't know how nto checak.. I already tried right-click, Properties > Details... but It doesn't show!

thank you!!
See if MediaInfo can identify the codec.
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