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How can I change the language on a movie (dvd) file

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I'm new at this so please bear with me as I explain what I'm trying to figure out. I tried searching the forum but I couldn't find exactly what I needed. I hope someone can help me.

I downloaded a television series that was supposed to be in English with Spanish subs. The show is broken into 4 "dvd movie" files... 3 of the files play in English but one of them is set to play in Spanish. Now i can change the language to English while watching it with my VLC player but I can't figure out how to set it to English so I can burn it to disc. I read in another post to use virtualdub but apparently that doesn't work for these file types, I kept getting an error message. Is there a program I can use to set English as the default? Is there a file that has just the Spanish subs that I can delete and force it to play in English (there are several ifo and bup files in with the the DL).
If you need additional info let me know. I will greatly appreciate any help I can get!
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Since you have mentioned IFo and BUP, it looks like DVD Video compilation.You can use DVDFab or DVD Shrink and remove the subtitles and Spanish audio.

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I haven't used dvd shrink before, once I get the movie added so I just uncheck the spanish box?
Yes, un-check the Spanish stuff,under audio and subpicture..
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That worked. Thank you so VERY VERY much!!!
You're VERY very welcome:)

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