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ok guys, havent been here in while, but m8 bought one of these, appears to be for spain, just say not supported when he plugged into his tv. via tv3 aerial. im just wondering can the software be updated to work in ireland.. cheers guys,
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I suggest you ask the supplier who he got it from, prob not suitable for here
china import, bin it i suppose, reading up about it atm, cheers
would a saorview box not be easier to use in irl as the big push is coming.
cactikid, yes combi box is only way to go m8.. i use fergususon arivia and infinity box, but m8s mother is old, so something handy is only needed ere.. this would have been the answer m8... but lesson learned, by irish,
How ya finding the Ferguson box? U get the CCAM working on it?
ya working a treat . good box
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