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Lost channels on kv

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Originally posted by cactikid:
to check your firmware-menu=system info- date???
virgin media website lists what problems are current.
did you try all 3 providers?
Date is 111112 firmware is 4.105

Tried all 3 network ntl telewest chorus no luck
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anwar do you have a television package with V Media.
could you tell us what the signal level is on the box it should be about 77.
what puzzles me is he says the box he has is a 750,yet the firmware date is for a 780,has the box got an iconnect to hook upto the net.?
where do you have the coaxial cable connected to.

ch*rus was for ireland,is there no c^w anymore?
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i just thought he had a 780 when i seen his post with the 11 11 12 firmware date.
he said that he had the channels and then lost them.
first post says 750,its not what is mentioned as one has to search all options,other option been cut off if he does not suscribe.
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