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DVD Drive Wont Work

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I have a HL-DT-ST dvd rom GDR8162B...

When I put a cd nothing happens.... When I try looking in cd in run its says please put a disk.. I try dvd and cds..

Dose anyone know any drivers? What should I do... I cant buy a new one.... I have windows xp...

Please help me with some drivers..

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1: is there an exclamation mark in the device manager
2: in device manager remove the dvdrom, restart windows & let windows load its own driver.
post results
i'm having the same problem with this dvd rom i have tried uninstalling and restarting i have also tried searching for driver updates with no luck, my DVD-ROM will play CD's but not DVD's it just says insert disc. I have had this DVD-ROM for about a year with no problems, i can find no reason as to why this has happened, i have not installed any new software that would affect this DVD-ROM,no exclaimation mark in device manager, i am using windows XP, if i find anything useful i will reply to this post,
Sorry forgot to add that my TEAC rewriter seems a bit funny as well, not playing some DVD's all happened at the same time, I went away for Xmas computer was left off was fine when i went, when i got back the drives weren't working, dont know if this will have any thing to do with it,
cheers for any help in advance.
kenetic, disable 1 drive at a time & see if remaining drive reads/writes disks ok. post results
I'm having the same problem with a HL-DT-ST GDR8162B driver. I can't seem to find the driver I need, not even on Dell's Website, which is where I bought the stinkin' computer.

Any other suggestions. I've heard it's an Hitachi driver but I can't find it there either.
By the way, ddp, there are exclamation points next to both of my drives (CD/DVD-RW and DVD-ROM), and when I uninstall them and reboot, I'm still having the same problem.

Even worse, I can't just reinstall from my dell CDs because my drives aren't working. Talk about aggravating!
is exclamation mark only on drives or also other areas
Just the two drivers.
disconnect 1 drive at a time & see what happens. also check that all cables seated properly
I tried the dell website as well complete waste of time, i tried downloading a new driver for my rom as well didnt work!
I tried uninstalling/removing drives seperately both at the same time everything.
none of it any good i came to the conclusion that its just crap and probably broken so i got rid of it cheers for all your help anyway.
(it is made by hitachi)
The only time I ever saw 2 exclamation marks on both my drives was when I first upgraded to XP. Seems I had some old Adaptec(now Roxio) software still hidden on the system that caused a major conflict with XP and optical drives. Its been a while but seems I had to go into the registry to clear the entries and then the drives came back to normal.


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