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Well, I've noticed that plenty of people seems to ignore that an movie can watched in a DVD played even if it is recorded on a CD-R.
Since I think that, starting fro an average AVI, making a DVD won't give a better result than making a (S)VCD (apart the problem of 'splitting' the movie in more CDs), I'm starting this faq thread which should collect all links to guides and the existing 'sticky' threads about this issue: (S)VCDs and K(S)VCD.
I hope you'll found it useful and want to try them (even if you have a DVD burner).

Well, the basic process is this one:

1) Encoding (AVI/RM/WMV --> mpeg; mpeg = MPEG-1 [CBR] for VCDs and MPEG-2 [VBR] for SVCD or DVD)
2) Authoring (mpeg -> (S)VCD or DVD image)
3) Burning

Many 'authoring' applications do (2) and (3) at the same step (a little risky, but feasable), some application are good 'encoders', other (like the lame Nero) are bad 'encoders' or try to 'encode' and 'author' simultaneously.
DVD Lab is the only known authoring application capable to author (S)VCD movies on a DVD-R (like having a 4700 MB CD-R), some lame appplications (Nero, again) try to convert a 352x240/288 movie into a 720x480/576 movie (absurd, since garbage in = garbage out)!

Remember that almost all DVD players (except the very cheap ones) can read VCDs and many of them (check its specifications) can read SVCDs.
K(S)VCDs have the same 'acceptance' specification of (S)VCDs.

Remember also that a 80' CD-R can keep about 80' of VCD movie, 55' of SVCD movie (at a good bitrate) and 120'-140' of KVCD movie. Therefore, apart for KVCDs, often splitting a movie into many CDs is needed, for movies on CD-R.

Some useful tutorials/threads (more in ):
- advanced TMPGenc guide
- advanced TMPGenc Xpress guide
- how to put VCDs on a DVD
- making a VCD
- making a KVCD
- tests to do to the AVIs (to prevent sound problems)
- extracting the sound as an uncompressed WAV from an AVI with MP3 sound (most of them): 1) open the AVI with VirtualDub 2) Set Audio____Full processing mode, and 3) do File__Save WAV. The WAV should be 10.1 MB x its lenght (in min.) big. If it is smaller, the AVI had an 'exotic' compressed sound stream, like Dolby Surround (AC3). If so, leave audio___Direct Stream Copy, do File___Save WAV (but call it 'sound.ac3'] and use it directly to author your DVD ( read ) .
- replacing an audio stream in an AVI
- Nero SVCD burning guide
- DVD --> VCD with TMPGenc (and some other stuff
- DVD --> SVCD with TMPGenc (and some other stuff
- Burning AVI to VCD or SVCD with Nero
- VirtualDub's error: different sampling rates

I've 'hidden' the original 'sticky' threads, to keep order in this forum. I hope you found this collection useful.
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My DVD player can't read VCDs.....or SVCD's. Cheap I know, planning to upgrade soon. The only way I can play video off CD with my DVD player is to convert them to Mini-DVD or DVD. :)
Thanks very much for your warning!
Now there has been a little change, in the FAQs:

Remember that all DVD players
has becomed -----> Remember that almost all DVD players (except the very cheap ones)
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It is easy, just download software from:
[REMOVED] to have a try.
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Blatant pimping of other sites isn't appreciated or tolerated so it would be a very good thing if you can find it within yourself to actually provide help here in the forums because if I see you continuing to pimp that site you'll be shown the door.

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I use a Divx / DVD /net player ($100 or less right now) if your look hard enough. So I skip any kind of coding and go straight to watching. plus no DVD-R / CD-Rs to scratch (all my movies stream directly from my pc) From the a (Donkey network) straigh to my tv. Yes, I know the abuse in the encodeding chain of command is being a blitterated.... (and its much a appreciated).

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Using TMPGEnc 2.5. can anyone help me to turn an AVI file to a burned VCD (cd-r) that will play in a standard dvd player?
Yes. Well, check your DVD Player Instruction manual, bacause it has been said that some DVD players can't read (Super) VideoCDs.
VCD are quite always supported and SVCD rather often, but there are exceptions. Always check the manual (it would have better to be checked before buying the player, though).
TMPGenc has the problem that is very slow, when it encodes MPEG-2 files (DVD and SVCD) but has great quality and is the best for VCDs.

Finally, keep in mind that quality can never be increased, it can only be decreased.

When you make DVD --> VCD you lower quality. If you make VCD --> DVD you keep it equal (but the size raises from about 1200 to 4.500 MB, for a 120' movie).
The only drawback of the (S)VCD is that only 80' VCD and 'about' (it is VBR) 55' of movie fit on a CD. But DVD Lab alows to author multiple (S)VCD movies (asking only a 44.1 kHz --> 48 kHz conversion in its audio) in a DVD , so the 'free room' problem can be easily deleted.

Remember.. I argued with AfterDawn because the 'AVI to DVD' sentence is a paradox... a 700 MB AVI into a 4500 MB MPEG-2 ?? 10-20 hours lost to have what??

(ah, post in the main forum. I never watch these items...)
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