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Replacing the audio of an .avi file?

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I have two episodes (.avi files) of the same serie. They are the same episode but on different languages. One that is spanish (High Quality) and the other is french (low quality).
I want to remove the audio file from the spanish episode and replace it with the french one. That way, I will have a high quality french episode.
The problem is, I don't know which software I should use. So could you please name the software(s) I should use? And could you please tell me how do you call the method I mentioned above? So it will be easier for me to search for a turorial.

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The way you can get the audio off of the French version of your video can be easily obtained, but it may make the quality of the audio worse.

First, you need 2 things: Virtual Dub Mod and CDex v.1.51.
What you need to do first is open the .AVI or whatever into VDM, then go to Streams, then go to Stream List. You can see from here that there is a strip with a bunch of options off the side, just use the "Save WAV" option, and save it to your desktop.

Then, you need to open CDex if wherever you extracted or installed it and change the settings a little to match what your looking for (getting the new LAME encoder and having it set to 128kbps Stereo at High=2 quality works good).

After you go to the "My Music" folder and get the file you just made, put it on the desktop or leave it if you know the address to get it. Once you have the .mp3 file, open Virtual Dub Mod again and open your good quality file.

This is important, if you don't want to have both files, read 1) and 2) below, if you do, read just part 1):

1) Go back to Stream List in Streams. After you get the options for the file, just click "Add" and locate you .mp3 file.

2) To remove the other audio file, just highlight it and click "Disable" to stop it from encoding with the other one.

If you have no other alterations to the file, make sure you go to Video on the top and check "Direct stream copy" so you don't encode the file again.
Then, just hit "Save As..." in file menu, and your ready to go!

Man, that took some time to make! I hope you appreciate it! L8ter!
To add, I do not know the name of this process. If someone can get the name for it, I would like to know that too. If there is no name, I would like to call it "Stream Swapping" or something stupid like that :) L8ter.
Well, if you are happy with the audio streams as they are (do not wish to modify/recode/transcode them) and simply wish to replace the Spanish with French, that is fairly straightforward.
You will need the French audio track, separated or 'de-muxed' from that AVI. Nandub will do this; I never use VDubMod for audio work.
When you open the French AVI in Nandub, select 'Save WAV'.
It will de-mux the French audio into a file *.wav - it calls it a WAV but it will be in the same format as when it was interleaved in the AVI.
Then open your high-quality AVI with Nandub and use the French audio file, with direct-stream video. Nandub will want to know whether the French audio is VBR MP3, CBR MP3, or AC3 - you will have to know which it is.
Nandub will then re-interleave the AVI with the French audio, disgarding the Spanish audio track :^)
You will still have your old files, but will create a new one made to your specification.
Again, if your audio streams are already compressed, try to just use them.
De-compressing and re-compressing in a lossy format is never a good plan...
@ Rikoshay
Q=0 !!
128kbps Stereo at Q=2 quality just doesn't cut it ;^(

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De-muxing! Yes, that's what it's called. My bad. Although, I do know that it does sound better, LAME v. 3.97.1 works a lot slower when you put Q=0! Thanks for the help The_OGS.
Thanks guys for your replays. I will answer back for questions or results. :)
Just a suggeston: read the FAQ thread , expecially ' replacing an audio stream in an AVI '
I was startled when you said newer LAME version,
From the LAME website:
Latest LAME release : v3.96.1 July 2004
Going from v3.93, there was a noted slowdown in Q=0 encoding using versions 3.95 and 3.96 (they crawled!)
The newest v3.96.1 is faster again, very similar to good ol' v3.93 :^)
I am not familiar with the version you quote - neither is Sourceforge, AfterDawn and Doom9 - so if you say it's slow...?

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I have some DivX / XviD files where I want to change the audio volume.

I want to use Nandub. Can I do it that way:

1. file --> save wav... (change ending to *.mp3). Since it's not a real wav-file I thought I just name it *.mp3
2. then use mp3gain to adjust volume;
3. then Nandub again: audio --> (vbr)mp3 audio and select the changed mp3 file and save the file
(using: video + audio --> direct stream copy with Nandub all the time)

Yes exactly :^)
I have corrected, increased actually, the volume of my client's AVI when I had his PC - he was amazed.
That is pretty well how it's done :^)
Strip audio with NanDub; modify audio; re-interleave audio into AVI with NanDub.

ABit AB9 Pro
Intel Core 2 Duo E6420 @ 2.4GHz
2GB OCZ PC2-6400 Platinum XTC R2
ATI Radeon X1900XT 512MB
Enermax Liberty 620W
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Plextor PX-755SA DVD (SATA)
There is a newer version of LAME than 3.96.1, but I'm not sure if it is 3.97.1, but it is close to that number, and it is slower, even though it says it's Alpha 3 or something. What I didn't know was the part about the other versions being slower in comparison. Just check the LAME website and you should be able to see it. See ya.
I did find the version I was talking about, but it is a beta. If you look at the bottom of the page, they have the version I was talking about, but they now have up to alpha 11 I think. See ya.
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