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FFDSHOW in taskbar

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Can the icons in task bar removed (ffdshow adds three of them when playing a video)? They really drive me crazy :)

(Well, it seems that newest version automatically hides the icons when I close the player (do not have to move mouse over them any more), but I still want to get rid off them.)
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3 of them? Should only be 2. A video decoder an an audio decoder. Anyway you can just untick the show tray icon box. Perhaps the 3rd icon is haali's splitter? From recollection it looks similar.
yup.. three
Two of them are audio decoders and the last one is video. I have wondered why there are two exactly the same buttons all the time.
I got now the video decoder button to hide, but even I try to hide audio ones they still appear. Thanks anyway
Well two audio streams would mean 2 audio decoders but I would have thought that you would only get the one for whatever audio stream you had enabled.

So you uncheck the show tray icon box in the audio decoder and it still shows up? If so then you would need to submit a bug report over at sf. Otherwise it probably won't get fixed.
I confirm: there are 2 icons for audio decoder on dual-audio files. Though the second one appears only if I switch between streams (using MPC i am).

You can turn it off as well: "ffdshow audio settings" -> "Tray, Dialog & Paths".
Does anyone else have an issue where FFDShow leaves the taskbar icon in the tray each time its used, even after a reboot?
If i disable the 'show in taskbar' option they remain!!

Its a strange problem and i dont know where to look to fix it?

Any suggestions welcome, thanks in advance
re: still in tray

(1) what media player?
(2) do you know how to use Task Manager?

re: don't show

(1) yes, as previously stated, simply untick the option
(2) CCCP guys are planning custom icons ;)

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