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Can't play videos on my Ipod video

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I have the 60g Ipod video and I vaeve never been able to play video properly on them. I had the Johnny Cash video Hurt and the video played but no sound. Then i put like three movies on there and the opening scene is in a little box to the left and it plays it as audio. The proper format is mp4 right?
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dkmopq Suspended account
60G ipod supports mp4, m4v and mov formats below 480x480.
If your files are not mp4, you need to convert them.

dkmopq's guides:
How to rip DVD to iPod, convert video/movie to iPod with only one program:
How to convert flash to iPod, swf to iPod:
Just a note, to convert them, you can use either myself or dkmopq's guides. (or both)
Thanks I got it to work. Another thing happen thats strange. I can't turn the ipod off. I tried looking through the menu's. I can't figure it out. I never dropped it or anything that might be obvious why it doesn't work. Suggestions
1. Soft reset, (Press + hold 'menu' & 'middle' buttons together for 6 seconds until apple logo appears)

2. Restore; (Hook iPod up to PC, open latest apple updater sotware & click 'restore')
Thanks dude It worked. Lethal do you like work for afterdawn? Thanks
Thanks dude It worked. Lethal do you like work for afterdawn? Thanks
LMAO. No, I don't work for AfterDawn, what makes you think that? :-)
It's just looks like you do this for a living. Do you know anything about games for the ipod.
Well, there is such thing as iPodlinux which allows you to install other applications, but is very hit & miss. I would advise against using it. Apart from that, no, there are no safe games that can be installed onto the iPod. Sorry ;-)
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