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CDex problems [cda to ?]

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I have not used a PC to rip audio and do not to do any downloads.
It seems that all the disks my wife has are in a cda extension.
My burner [Cheetah] will not transfer or copy a .cda extension and I could not locate one that will. I would use one if it could do so.

I have copied some purchased audio disks with a .cda extension, using a stand-alone DVD recorder [ilo RHD04]. These are DVD + R/RW disks that will play in home recorders, but are not CD- disks and do not play in a CD or car player. My object was to Copy some selected files, they would be CP free, than transfer them to some single disks using a stand-alone unit that would burn a CD – disk.

It was felt that this was a hard and questionable way..

CDex was recommended to convert the files to wav or mpg, select them and than burn to a CD- disk in mpg and it should play ia in any system. Sounds Good, The Program Looks Good

I downloaded Cdex and installed it
When invoked from either the desktop or Explorer, It fails to load. The screen goes blue with the message
A fatal exception 0Ehas occurred at 0028:C18DDEA9 in VXD (03} + 00000E39.

Pressing any key returns the system to either the desktop or explorer. I cleaned the system, re-did the download and install, with the same result.

The system meets the program requirements.
OS- win 98 SE, latest upgrades, 512 mem
Latest Adaptec drivers installed
I’ve checked the program txt files and the system files. It seems that the required drivers are installed.
wnaspi32.dll ----- in the windows/system/ -------------------dir
apix.vxd -----------in the windows/system/IOSUBSYS/ --- dir

I’ve gone over this many times and may have missed something I shouldn’t have. It would seem that the program should start even if some devices were not to its liking.

Any suggestions.
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.cda is just the extension windows uses to identify audio CDs. you cannot simply copy the files over in windows explorer. you need a ripping program, such as CDex like you mentioned. Instead of using CDex however, I recommend EAC (exact audio copy). It is free and hands down the best ripper there is, pc or mac. it has extensive error correction and tons of advanced features. if you are looking to transfer the audio to mp3, using the LAME mp3 encoder plugin with VBR (variable bitrate) settings you will achieve the best quality you can get as far as mp3s go.

We have a guide on how to setup and use EAC here:

Give it a try, you will see that the interface is very similar to CDex, but it is a much better program.

"I have no particular talent. I am merely inquisitive" - Albert Einstein

For the best quality mp3s use EAC (exact audio copy) to rip your audio CDs and LAME to encode them. Follow this guide:
[ dissscoop ]

Thanks for the reply and info
I reviewed the guide and downloaded the files.
The EAC site shows program and install files for VO.95 and VO.95 cdrado 03/08/05
Also Prebata VO.95 09/03/05 I can only guess what cdrado stands for.
My guess would be the prebata . Also the CGF Adapter has 4 choices. Do you have any recommendations?
I figured the cda was [generic?] If that’s the correct term and would not copy as they were. I have done quite a bit in video with a PC but not in over a year since I got the stand-alone recorder. No audio at all. I’m not really concerned if the files are in any form
As long as they work
I know many would consider the computer used, with 98 as an OS, a dinosaur
I want 98 for many reasons and really no longer use it for DVD .

Thanks for all the help
there are four different adapters because you need to download the appropriate one for your drive. it should say somewhere there how to find out what profile your drive needs I think. The prebeta 0.95 one is five, I've been using it for a while with no problems.

"I have no particular talent. I am merely inquisitive" - Albert Einstein

For the best quality mp3s use EAC (exact audio copy) to rip your audio CDs and LAME to encode them. Follow this guide:
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