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I'm trying to copy a movie - Song of the South

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I've been able to copy Disney's most current movies, but I can't make a sucessful copy of this one.

I've tried using Clone DVD2, DVD Fab Express, and even DVD Decrypter. Also, I've got Any DVD running in the background.

Any ideas, or should I just give up?

Thanks, I'm so frustrated with this one. :D
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SusieC ,
That movie has not released by Disney in the US to the best of my recollection but they did release a PAL version in VHS in the UK. This might be what you have gotten. When you bring up AnyDVD what is the decryption used. You might also just have a bad mastering press.
Song of the South is not issued in North America, As far as I know it is only out in Europe, Asia and Africa, one of Disney's "dirty little secrets" they call it,(Racial overtones from the 60's etc.) so to convert it to NTSC from PAL, try one of these guides.
I hope this helps,
I've been keeping my eye out for a while to get this movie as well.
Please PM me and let me know where you got your copy from please.
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Here is where I got the copy of the movie.

I get the read error: VTS_01.vob:23:READ ERROR tcsECTORrEADER tce when using Clone DVD2 if that will help.

It works OK in my DVD player on my TV.
SusieC ,
It is having a problem reading that sector. It is like I stated a bad mastered DVD that you are trying to copy. See if they can exchange it. Did you use AnyDVD to see if there was any excryption?
Yes, it says there is no encryption. I guess that could be it. I'll try to see if I can get another copy then.

One more thought before you send it back. Try DVDDecrypter to read the DVD in Iso mode. You open the program and go to Settings > I/O and look at the lower right and put a checkmark next to Ignore Read errors. Then go to Mode> iso > read and click the decrypt button. See if the program can read through the error you are getting. If it does then go into Shrink and File> Open disk image . Now find the iso file that DVDDecrypter did and click on the .mds file. When DVDD ripped the file to HD it created 2 files. One is the .mds and the other is the iso. The .mds file has info in it like the layer break and size of each layer but if you click on it it will then come up in Shrink and you should be able to copy it. Try this as DVDD will tell you if there is a read error and where it is. Good luck and let me know if this works
I'll try that tommorow, to see if it works. I just can't understand why it will play perfectly in my DVD, yet I am getting those read errors.

I can copy DVDs with exotic Disney protections, but I can't copy this. It's bugging the heck out of me. LOL
A DVD Player is very forgiving on reading DVD's whereas a computer is not forgiving on reading errors. This is why you are getting that error. If the DVD has a bubble( due to the lamination of the 2 layers) that also will stop a computer from reading the DVD properly. Hope that explains it better and if you have any more questions please post them back and the forum will try and answer them.
Me thinks you have a bootleg version of the film,(I could be wrong) It says he copied it from a Laserdisk version of the movie. I would be curious to see what type of disk it was burned on.

Song of the South has NEVER been released on DVD. The 60th Anniversary is Nov 12th, and this is all Disney is releasing:

Want to sign a petition, read up:
I have seen this movie with subtitles. I think it was Japanese. I would like to have it.
@mackdl, Thanks for the link to the petition. I will sign it.

Shovels Rule!
That is a the laserdisc rip...there are also VHS dup's out there too. all i've seen are of dubious quality. disney still has no plans on releasing it. I know of people who have gotten the UK VHS and bought settop VCR 's that play it on NTSC screens...
Hi everyone. The problem was that it was a bad copy I was trying to back up. They sent me a new copy, and I copied it easily using DVD Fab Express. I think I could have copied it with DVD Decrypter, or any other methods I have used.

Thanks to those that suggested that I was attempting to copy a bad disk.
Thanks for coming back and letting us know
Words like:

"Our DVD is also NEW AND SEALED!!! " are always a dead give away to a bootlegged product. It's been put on a new disc and then shrink wrapped. You should also note that no major players run their product through a traditional shrink wrap machine (you will see heat sealed edges). The edges will always be nicely/cleanly folded over.
Political correctness, in my opinion, has gone too far. Perhaps Disney should give themselves a shake and release this. We, as parents, can decide for ourselves what our children should watch. Watch and discuss the content, it makes for a better world.
I have given this some thought. SusieC may have purchased a bootleg, fully knowing so. The point is she paid good money for something I'm sure she would have paid for had it been available as a legitimate release.

Disney is so concerned about piracy and yet here's the real numbers in terms of sales. The figures for Little Mermaid:

Prevent piracy - stop vaulting your titles and lower the prices so EVERYONE can afford them. Let us backup our legally purchased dvds. One wonders if any of these people who make the decisions have children?
I signed that petition a long time ago. It is really a joke that they claim political correctness for not releasing it on DVD. This movie is a classic that I enjoyed when I was a child and I am waiting for Disney to wake up and let all generations enjoy this great and timless movie.

I agree fully, "Birth of a Nation" is widely available, and definitely non-PC, William Faulkner again, non-PC but widely read and available, What gives? "Song of the South" non-PC, and available worldwide, except for North America.

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