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Harman Kardon - "PROTECT" Troubleshooting

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HELP --- I have tried everything!

Saw all the previous threads and looking for any help short of taking the unit in!

I have a HK AVR-65.

Thanks in advance of the help!
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Putting a receiver into Protect Mode, is usually caused by a frayed speaker wire, touching something it shouldn't.
Double check all the speaker wires, on the back of the receiver, and on the back of each speaker. Take each speaker wire, and re-twist it, and reconnect it, at both ends.

Is the receiver in an entertainment center, in a tight, closed in area? Receivers need room to breathe. They need decent air flow. If re-doing the wires don't help, try putting a fan, where it can blow on the receiver, and see if that helps.

One more possibility.........Are you trying to drive 4 ohm speakers, with an 8 ohm receiver? This can cause this to happen too. Less likely, than the other two things, but still possible.

The Protect Mode, means it's getting too hot. It goes into protect mode and shuts down, to keep from frying something, and causing major repairs. As I's usually a wire problem. Speaker wires have several strands of wire. That's why we twist them. All it takes, is one of those little strands to touch something else......
Good luck! Let us know what you find............

Wow --- Thanks for the quick response!

I have disconnected everything and it still does it so I am out of luck.

The only thing I can think of (because it worked so well for so long) is overheating while on for an extended period of time....

Let me know what you think.
One more thing to try...........
Somewhere in the manual, it should tell you how to reset the receiver, to factory settings. Try that. If it works, you'll need to go through the setup again, because it'll be back to the way it was when you originally took it out of the box.

If that don't work, you might need to take it in for repairs. It might be something that's cheap to fix.........
Good luck!

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