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Can the video ipod play .avi files?

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i have a 5g 80 gb video ipod, and i am wondering if it can play .avi media files
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as far as video i think they only play mp4 files. I use the dvdfab platinum free trial to do mine. there is an ipod button on the left. choose the AVI file and it will convert to mp4
hanaku Suspended account
As I know it cannot play .avi files,you can choose some converter softwares about iPod.
In this forum you can find lot of resource of iPod converter
Hope you can find your favorable one
I have a very reliable converter called SUPER, you guys might want to try it out. but i just wanted to make sure i wasn't wasting my time converting downloaded movies, tv shows.
sheary Suspended account
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Of course,iPod need mp4 file for play.
You also can try winavi which can convert to your ipod directly,don't need other software,fast.
dkmopq Suspended account
You need to convert AVI to iPod mp4 format following this guide:
More ipod conversion guides:

dkmopq's guides:
How to rip DVD to iPod, convert video/movie to iPod with only one program:
How to convert flash to iPod, swf to iPod:
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