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when i burn movie using dvdfab i cant do it without subtitles

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why when i burn movie using dvdfab i cant do it without subtitles evryone ive done so far has subtitles that i cant seem to get rid of.i think thats the name of them the words on the screene for the deaf.
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try using DVD Shrink, its freeware.
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i have dvd shrink as well as the decrypter they dont work all the time so i got the dvd fab which works everytime exept somtimes i cant get the subtitles to not go

@ core2kid..... Your reply is not a solution to this problem with DVDFab.

Let me see if I can figure this out for you.

OK, firstly, How you disable subpictures depends on whether you are using "Full Disc" or "Main Movie".

If you are doing the Main Movie, then simply uncheck the Subpicture stream in the subpicture editing area at the lower right of the screen. If it's not checked it will not be added.

If you are doing Full Disc then you have to change that in your Settings:

At the top right side of the screen, click the little round gear icon.
Click "Common Settings". This opens the Settings menu.
On the left of the menu, find Streams>Subpicture.
Click Subpicture.
At the top of the Subpicture menu click the "Do not preselect any subpicture track" button.
Click "OK".
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