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Hello, I need to unlock my Samsung SGH-A437

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Hello, I need to unlock my Samsung SGH-A437

imei 35636101106794502





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Put Non Accepted Sim
*2767*3855# let it reboot(restart)
now its ready for permanent.
Now its Permanent Unlock ....

Learning by doing
does this unlock code work for every samsung SGH-A437 phone? or is there different codes for different IMEI #'s?

if it matters, here my IMEI: 356361010121420
Do not put your IMEI in any forum, people can clone your IMEI. Yes this is the unlock way for EVERY SAMSUNG A437, no matter about IMEI

Learning by doing
I tried unlocking my Samsung A-437 phone, the way you have mentioned here. In the end it says Lock is deactivated now but when i restart my phone it first shows my phone provider and then gives a message "Smartchip not Provisioned MM#2". Does this mean it is not unlocked yet?
Also when i goto Network selection under phone settings it does not allow me to select the network manually. Please suggest.
I have never experienced the problem as you said. Put back the original provider SIM (AT&T)and restart and let me know what showing. I unlock at least 9 samsung a437 and have no problem at all.

Learning by doing
I believe that I have to enhance the procedure little bit and just do it again for samsung A437:
Put non AT&T Sim
*2767*3855# wait for phone restart itself
Then enter
*7465625*638*00000000*00000000# (phone will show -------- in lieu of 00000000)
Now its Permanent Unlock ....

Learning by doing

Procedure you mentioned this time is same as earlier one. I can not see any change. Well if it still shows "Smartchip is not provisoned MM#2", does this mean it is not yet unlocked? It also shows my provider at the start up.
Who is your provider. Have you try to put the original SIM (AT&T I guess) back and what the message said. As I told you I have seen any similar problem like yours . Most of the time, your current provider shown that means the phone already unlocked.
Try this
1. First with different carrier SIM(which would be your T-mobile SIM) in phone at WRONG CARD screen ENTER on the keypad
2. *2767*3855# (wait 10-15 seconds) phone will reboot(restart)
3. When phone completes reboot ENTER
5. AND THEN *#7465625# to check the locks....all locks are inactive...these are all the locks...
network lock - inactive
subset lock - inactive
sp lock - inactive
cp lock - inactive
sim lock - inactive
activa lock - inactive
phone lock - inactive
auto network - inactive
auto subset lock - inactive
auto sp lock - inactive
auto cp lock - inactive

Note: In few steps you would not see what you type on the screen.
Example: In step 3. when you type *7465625*638*00000000*00000000#, on screen it shows *7465625*638*--------*--------#

Learning by doing
the codes dont work for me the phone is lock to vodaphone and
when i put in
7465625*638*00000000*00000000# it says already personalised
and when i put
#7465625*638*00000000# it say wrong password
When i put a different sim in the phone i have to put a Network Lock Code in does any one know what this code is
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When it said personalized, that means your phone is unlocked. The code reset now is 00000000 (eight zero)

Learning by doing
salami1 Suspended account
on newer software version these codes don't work anymore also be carefull with such codes as I get many emails from people who have 'phone freeze' problem due inserting such codes.

(don't worry if you have this problem can be solved..)

Salami1: R you trying to sell unlock services? Hey man, people needs help over here. If they want to pay for unlock they do not come here. Don't tell me about the latest samsung a437 can't be unlocked, I just bought 2 a437 yesterday from AT&T (USA)-for $20 after rebate and free $20 phone cards- and unlock by code with no problems. Do not discourage people, if you want to sell your services- honestly- I think you come to a wrong place, my friend.
I always believe that all phone should be unlock and unlock the phone is the right of consumers. I advocate for anybody who can find the way (or hacking) to unlock GSM phone without paying a penny to whoever wants to make money from consumers. Unlock solutions are there somewhere, my job is hunting for them. If I found it I give them free like a lot of helps I received from different GSM forums.

Learning by doing
salami1 Suspended account

I only offer a safe way to unlock you might think you have the very very latest software version of this particular phone but the world is a bigger place, and phones even differ from country to country (special branded versions etc). And codes might work or work not and in some cases (not just < 10% or so but more close to 20 - 25%) get broken phones after using these codes. I want to warn people about this. People deserve to have all knowledge and then decide what method they want to use..

You make it look free codes (or software) are all good, well I tell them them the other side. I also always tell people about the possibility with codes (if it hasn't been already said so) but I do not recommend it. And yes I do also have commercial value with it, but as said I just point them in A direction, people choose themselfs if they want to pay of use free solution...

Salami1: No such thing called "broken phones" as you said because you use the wrong unlock code and cannot unlock it, specially for samsung. As long you don't flash it with another firmware it is not so hard to be fixed. Try me with any of your samsung phone was broken after using wrong unlock code, I'll prove it for you there will be no problem at all. Using box, cable, software are the last choices for regular consumer like me. I bought the phone for $10, how much I am going to pay you (or any guy like you to unlock the phone). I did not receive any incentive from the phone company( pay lower price than the market price and have to sign 2 years contract)why they lock my phone. Do you want to buy a TV and the seller directs you what channel you have to turn on and watch it. As I said the lock phone is the "beep" of phone company and the people who tries to make money for charging unlock (when a free solution is available)is greedy and should be shamed.SHAME SHAME SHAME

Learning by doing
salami1 Suspended account

clearly you haven't had many phones in your hand, some of the free codes resets the eeprom of the phone, and if you do this with newer software version you get 'phone freeze'. Just have a look at multiple forums and see how many have this problem.

This same problem comes when you enter wrong NCK code more then 3 times. Also I've seen some of those free codes just totally freeze (not giving the message 'phone freeze' on the screen anymore ) up the phone. To repair these you needed to completely flash the phone to get it working again..

We provide a safe and easy to use service, programmers put A LOT of time in it and we need to invest to buy phones to test so is that so strange we ask money for our service? No shame in that at all.

I appriciate your idealistic view but unfortunatly nothing in life is free except for the sunlight (thusfar). And you can say well these codes are free.. yes of course but there is a downside with every free thing (a big BUT)...

I think there is enough said about it.. you made your point and I made my point. Let's just leave it to agree to disagree..

Best regards,
Worked like a charm for me on an AT&T GoPhone. Thanks.
thaks lot porto35. me too it works. thanks lot again. wow

Porto35's codes worked fine for me a refurbished A437 AT&T Go Phone ordered from AT&T's website. Sweet!
U R welcome. It's my pleasure

Learning by doing
porto35 you are the man. your code is working for me. thanks my man
will this code work for me? i have a436 and i heard that 436 and 437 are the same- just that 437 is at&t and 436 are rogers?
is this correct?
if not then do u know the unlock code for a436- samsung?
Good Morning everyone, I have a Samsung A437 and I have forgotten my password. I normally don't use a password on this phone since it's only for home and not my office. I have spaced out and can't remember the password and I can't use my work cell phone to make personal calls. Is there a master password reset option I can do with this phone? Or am I totaly screwed. Any suggestion and or help would be greatly appreciated. I am departing for my bussiness trip soon and I can't call back to my friends and family until I unlock the darn thing. My wife thinks I am doing it on purpose, but no one wants to be locked out of their own phone "ON PURPOSE". Thanks everyone.

If you know your enemies better than you know yourself, you need not fear the outcome of 100 battles... Sun Tzu.
try this

Put Non Accepted Sim
*2767*3855# let it reboot(restart)
now its ready for permanent.
Now its Permanent Unlock ....

from proto35
What is a "non accepted" sim card? where do I get one of those?


If you know your enemies better than you know yourself, you need not fear the outcome of 100 battles... Sun Tzu.
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