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how to burn a rar/iso???

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ok so i am trying to put a game onto a cd so i can play it.

the file i have for the disc is a rar file. now i know if it was an iso file i could make it work easier but i just cant figure out how to make the rar file into an iso. i tried using winrar to extract the rar but i ended up just getting a file with another file in it holding two more files holding bif files, another rar file with what seems to be nothing in it and a dvd movie info file. the rar within the new file wont extract either.

so i tried just flat out burning the rar file and that didnt work. i tried burning the extracted files and that didnt work. then i tried just burning the bif files and that didnt work either.

ive tried using nero burning rom, microsoft cdburn and the regular old drag, drop and burn method.

nothing has worked. lets just say ive killed about 25 blank cd trying to get this game onto a cd (i also tried using blank dvds and that didnt work either)

anyone have any idea what to do? i just cant figure this out and im pretty tired of destroying all of my blank cd's.

oh and i know the problem isnt my cd burner because it worked just fine burning cue and iso files before and i can burn music cds just fine.
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i have a feeling you're extracting the rars wrong. use this guide to help you out..

you can then use this guide to get an idea of what to do with the resulting iso file..
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theres a fault with winrar.. when it installs it does so with the file associations wrong.

Go into settings and untick the .iso box
Yep, but that's covered in the extraction guide Jan. I thought you were against handing answers on a silver platter ;-)

Heh, just playin' with ya.
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