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Several problems with Subtitles... (dvd flick)

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I have just tried to burn a file & subtitles to a dvd-r (verbatim)
with dvd flick

my problem is that the subtitles are a little out of the screen, so that i can't read them.

and another problem is that there is a small delay on the subs, like 2 sek. or something like that.

and the third problem is the quality of the subs, i downloadet them at (danish subs)
it was like a 12 year old kid wrote them, The gramma was just so wrong, so i would like to know how to find good quality subs.

and one of the other problems of the subs i downloadet, is that they sometime started at the middle of the screen, sometime at the left and sometime at the right..

and one more that is quite iritaiting, is that every time a sentence begins and end there is a "<i>" mark..

How can i fix these problems?
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Just tried to run the dvd on a bigger screen (42 LCD flatscreen)
here the subs were WAY off the screen,

and the tv i used before were a smaller older not flat screen tv.

hope it helps.
Download Subtitle Edit here. Double-click on SubtitleEdit.exe. Go File, Open and then select the faulty subtitles. Now, follow the illustrations below.

Next, to fix the delay go to Tools, Visual Sync...

With Visual Sync, match one of the first subtitles with correct scene. Similarly, the last subtitles to be matched with correct scene. Finally, click Sync!.

Regarding the sub grammar quality, I've seen some of those myself
in English. I'm convinced that somebody took another language
and ran it through, or one of those other free
translation services to get the English subs.

Perhaps no "official" Danish subs exist for the movie in question.
pryme_H - that looks very useful

davexnet - i recommend looking for the subtitles for the movie Counterfeiters, i have never laughed so much, hardly any of the lines made sense :P

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thank you, i will try that :)
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Oh, forgot to ask..

by doing that will i remove all the <i> before and after each text, and the random placing of the text in the movie?

Would really like it if the text were to come from left to the right :b

just gotta make sure before i destroy another dvd-r.
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Okay now im very confused..

Just ran it through VLC, and the subs were perfect there.

when i edited the subs, i saw that dvd flick burned exactly as it is in subedit... while VLC doesnt take everything in, like <i> at the start and end of a comment. and the placing of the subs are also perfect in VLC..

can this mean i burned it wrong or something? what other reason can it be?
To be honest, I really don't know what's causing this. You can visually edit the subs using Subtitle Edit or Subtitle Workshop (as long as the subs are in complete sync with the video). However, this can be a very time-consuming task. You can also try the latest version/most recent build of DVD Flick.

The <i> you see I presume are tags for a word or phrases that should display in italics, but looks like they're coded improperly. You can try deleting the <i> at the end to see if it'll make a difference. But in sum, the most speedy fix is to look for the correct subs.
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But the subs work just fine in VLC, their location is perfect.
and they dont bug out of the screen.

and then when i burn them with dvd flick they just become very clumsy, cutting off the movie.
Play around with the different settings in DVD Flick to see if it'll rid

the problem. Fire up DVD Flick, and load the video file. Click Edit

to the right...

Next, click on Subtitle Tracks, and then Edit...

Don't forget to click Accept, once you're satisfied with the way subs are displayed. Sorry, I missed that one. It's late here and the keys are starting to look funny.

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