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XBMC Subtitle trouble

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I have a problem getting subtitles to work in XBMC. I have several divx files that have an .srt file with them yet I cannot get the subtitles to display. I have tried going into the menu during playback and browsing for the sub file and after selecting it I still get no subs. I am using build 10070 from August. Will the issue be fixed if I update to the newest build? Is there something else I am missing?
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Hi, did you or anyone else ever figure this out? I see the same thing... Recent build of XBMC (from ~7/15/08), if I manually browse to the SRT file to display with an AVI, I still have no choices in the subtitles drop-down.

I've used used as well as real new builds of XBMC, and i've not had any problems with subs; just make sure that the sub files are the exact same names as the movie files..

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