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browser wont let me sign in cookies rejected

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i cant sign in to my yahoo email account on my laptop
it keeps telling me the browser you are using refuses to
sign in (cookies rejected)..but i dont have this problem on my
desk top pc .. i have set my security and privacy settings
on my laptop to the same as on my desk top but this dosent make
any differance it still wont let me sign in ..can anybody help me
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What browser are you using? version?
windows internet explorer
I don't know which version you have, but in IE 6, go to Tools>Internet Options>Privacy, click the Sites button and add Yahoo to allow.
did that but still know joy..
internet explorer provided by dell..
if thats any help.. dont know if thats relevant or not
damn thing is doing my head in
These things can be a pain.
When you go to the mail login page, is there a red circle with a white line across the middle on the bottom gray line?
Double-clicking on that should show Restricted Sites. Right-click on any one of those that shows Yahoo and select Always Accept Cookies from this site.

You can see your version of IE at Help>About Internet Explorer at the top of any open web page.
your a legand jeffw24 thats it sorted thanks a mill
i owe you a pint...
A pint sounds good.
Glad its going right now.
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