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removing hard coded subtitle

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i need some help with a avi file that has sub titles on the screen, i would think that they are hard coded,i use convertxtodvd to encode to vob, i need to know how to remove the subtitle before burning, thanks.
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If the subtitles are hard coded, and they are below the picture, on the black bar, you can just crop the video, remove the black borders.

If it is not on the black border, you can't really remove them. They are part of the video. You can use a filter in VirtualDub and "mask" them. Probably you will be left with a "blurry" bar instead of the subtitles.

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i have used that filter many times, really awesome.

but virtualdubmod works on the avi not the dvd files.
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Originally posted by Rotary:
i have used that filter many times, really awesome.

but virtualdubmod works on the avi not the dvd files.

I think that's what he wants, to use it and remove the subs from the AVI before converting to DVD. I personally never used it.

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that is what i am wanting to do is remove the subs before doing the conversion, and the subs are on the black bar below the screen.
Then it is even easier. All you have to do is use the crop function and cut out the black borders. The new ConvertxtoDVD maybe has a "crop" function under "Video Processing". If not, try an Avisynth script to use with your conversion software.
You can do it in two steps, first easily crop the black borders with Virtual Dub for example, and then convert to DVD, but I am thinking the quality would be lower since you would encode twice.

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Along the same lines... I have found some movies in a series and most are at [PPXclub] they must do their own work with watermark and they put subtitles at the bottom. I will assume they are Hardsubbed since there are no attachments. Is there anyway then to copy them instead of erasing or is that the purpose of hardsubbing. Hence no sharing.
I have several different programs claiming to change Hardsubs to workable subs. none seem to work. any suggestions!
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