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ANY 6020 unlocker here with MORE THAN BASIC SKILLS?

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I have an old Nokia 6020, (Fido, Canada, IME 355372/00/260151/0) that I'm trying to unlock. Here's what I did:
1. Removed Fido sim and powered on.
2. Got "Insert Sim" message.
3. Entered code #pw+184214723526251+7# (Griffin-new key code)
4. Nothing happened. Pressed enter.
5. Nothing happened. Pressed dial. Got message "Emergency calls only."
6. Powered off, put the T-Mobile sim back in, powered on, and got the message "Phone Restricted," with the option to "Undo".
7. I hit "Undo" and got "Enter Restriction Code", which I did as above.
8. Got the message "Code Error".

I tried all procedures identically with code #pw+197454723526251+7# (v2 key code) and got the same results.

I keep reading that it is possible to unlock this phone but in all the forums I read there are numerous questions similar to mine without any posted working solutions.

[b]Is there anyone here with the knowledge to conclude this?
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