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LG 's GGW-H20L causes a Vista blue screen crash

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I installed a LG GGW-H20L Rom Ver. YL02 (Blu-Ray Re-Writer)in my PC and after booting into Vista I get a blue screen message IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUIL and even in Safe Mode.

When Vista loads the Welcome Windows Vista screen is ok the desktop comes up ok at first but while loading I get a blue screen with message>> IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUIL some other blurb and at the bottom; Stop 0x00000000a (0x - << the rest of the digits are random changing each time I get a blue screen and I cant read them because it closes before I can.

I have tried everything I can to rectify the conflict I have flashed the motherboard with the latest BIOS, got the latest drivers for the on board graphics Nvidia Gforce 6150, I have tried new RAM in differing slots, I have disconnected ever piece of hardware including the operating systems Hard Drive and booted to an XP bootable CD I have still it crashes although booting from this CD did allow me to read from a DVD I put in the GGW-H20L proving it could work but when I put another CD in it crashed giving a blue screen, with the following>> stop: 0x0000008e (0xc0000005, 0xbf8048ba, 0xf75a6ae0, 0x00000000) *** win32k.sys address bf8048ba base at bf800000, datestamp41107f7a. << So it cant be Vista causing the problem can it?

I have also borrowed another LG GGW-H20L from PC World and this one shows the blue screen problem just the same!
I did try LGs firmware update for the GGW-H20L Version YL03 Firmware Update (GGWH20L_YL03.exe) and I have tried every switch I could find (sheer desperation) in my BIOS the only one that cured the problem also disabled its SATA drive

Can you help please?

My system:-
AMD Athlon 64 x2 dual core 4800+ 2.5GHz
Asus M2NPV-MX Motherboard using onboard Nvidia Gforce 6150 graphics, LAN, and sound
4 GB DDR2 RAM Kingstone 5300 as 4x 1Gb
MS Vista 32 bit SP1 and with all the latest updates

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did u take the lg drive off of the computer and try to booth it if u can
may be ur lg drive is bad
Originally posted by djkrishna:
did u take the lg drive off of the computer and try to booth it if u can
may be ur lg drive is bad
Er well yes? I also bought an identical duplicate drive from PC World and put it in thinking the first one may have been bad but this one also caused a blue screen crash, and I tried it several times, since removing the second drive and returning it to PC-World (nice people) my PC hasn't given any further problems at all so it must be a compatibility issue with my Asus Mobo . . . I think? . But I really want one of these LG drives although changing my one year old Motherboard is a bit OTT.

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