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Changing a VIDEO_ts.bup file to a .avi file

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Hi all, I hope this is not too lame, but I really have no clue how to change a video on my laptop that has the format ts.bup and change it to a .avi file. I want to upload the file and other ones for others to download in to their computer. When I copy a dvd-r to my laptop, I use DVDFAB to do it, should I be using something else or is it fine using it as long as I have a program to change it to a .avi file? I have found so many programs that say they can change a format, my head is spinning, I'm more lost than ever. My laptop is a Compaq cq50-215nr, when I do transfer a dvd-r on to my laptop I use 321 Mediaplayer classic to play the video, that works well. The site I want to upload to is Megaupload. Thanks very much to anyone who can help and let me know if you need any more info.
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Thanks for the tip but is was no use, I already had tried that program, it installs fine I think. If I put a dvd-r in it, it will play, bit I can't save it anywhere- or I don't know how to. It will not play any video that's saved on my computer and the video that I can play, the program keeps coming back with the message No audio stream on this file when I try to open the video. I just want to double check, when I go to the site, I click on AutoGk, then go from there? The program that gets installed ends up being Clone2Go DVD Ripper, is that correct? I just have a feeling that's where the problem is, but I'm not sure. Thanks again if you can help me out, seems like more trouble than it should be.
Well, I have found out how to install Auto Gk, but it died when I tried to change the format of the video. I deleted the program and will re-install, hoping it will work, looks like it should, thanks.
Hello rtm27, an update on how things went. There was a problem installing AutoGk, I kept getting an error messaage. I went to Youtube and there they had a how-to video, it said to install DVD Decrypter and Vidomi, I did and was able to change the format to .avi. It looked like the AutoGk would have worked, I don't know why it would not install properly, thanks for your response though.
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