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n00b .r00 files question

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Ok, I've been reading page after page after page on here about this problem... and everyone either wants to "burn a DVD" or want to know how to "unpack a RAR file"... I'm not asking about the latter... and the answers I HAVE found thus far, relate to Windows only... so thought I'd ask my stupid Q here, in the Mac section -

For starters, I'm new to the Mac world - and still trying to sort the various apps available -

But here's where I'm at:

I have a 800MB TV show (all legit) and was saved as (4) 200MB RAR files/packages - I used unRARx to unpack it... and now have 45 files, including the .nfo and .sfv and the remaining .r00, .r001, .r002 files, and so on...

My Q is this... What the heck do I do now?? It's a XviD file (in the end)... and I've wracked my brain trying to figure out if/how I can "re-join" these R0X files - or if the .nfo file, with the correct MAC program will handle it for me? or what!? I'm soooo cOnFuSeD!

I have: Toast 10 Platinum, Handbrake, VLC, Burn, QT with DivX, uhmmm the list is long - I have tried just about everything... but none recognize these files (nor should they I would think - as I believe they need to be rejoined first?) -

Anyway - In reading others... I see mentions of WinRar (windows) and to simply "right click" the main file - "Extract as" and off you go... Well, in the Mac world, is there an equivelent for this action?? There was also a joiner package Back2DVD or something like that - but was for Windows only, and over 4 years old since last release... Mac the Ripper is for ripping DVD's... so that doesnt apply really...

I've been googling for hours and found your site and several dozen others... and either peeps don't want to talk about RAR files (torrents usually = illegal) or they don't know about Macs -

So, that's where I'm at... I'm assumng once I rejoin these r.00 files I'll have a VidX file - and then can use Toast or Burn to burn it to a DVD? I just wanna watch this show LOL!

Thanks in advance for any help -


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polite *bump*

Anyone? :-/
You still have some extracting to do.

Open the .r00 file and you should see the contents :), just extract.
If there's no .r00 file then use the .rar file.

The file has basically been split up into several smaller parts.

Hope this helps
Thanks sooooooo much!

Just extracted the r00 file, and it "found" all the other "r0XX" files, and compiled it into one nice .avi file (didn't even know it was an AVI!!)... So now I can enjoy it... :-)

Many many thanks - you just made my Christmas list and my day!

I knew it was something "simple" I was overlooking.... never thought to take it one more step!


Killer_B, might I ask what program you're using to extract the file? I'm also on a mac and everything I've read thus far hasn't been helpful as far as getting it to work (it's been very helpful in making things clearer though).

Every time I try to open the .r00 file with UnRarX, I get a message saying there are "no files to extract."

RarMachine won't let me pick it to open or extract the .r00 file. Stuffit can't even properly extract the files from the original .rar file.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
Nevermind. Sorry for the trouble. I figured it out.
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