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RCA p52939 52in rear projection TV issues... RGB not lining up? Convergence problems...

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Hey, the faster this can be answered, the better.
A Huge Projection TV is for sale locally at a thrift store with huuugely misaligned r/g/b colors, but otherwise it looks really nice. It's also dipped up in picture on the bottom and top, but not much.

I'm wondering it the colors misaligning are user servicable. I have a lot of electronics experience, but none with TVs. LCD monitors a bit, but I'm sure this is different. The menu is mostly readable, if that has anything to do with adjusting it.

Help, asap - This TV is for sale at 100 dollars because of the flaw... I'd love to get it working!

I used this guide:
To play with the service mode, however, they don't offer the datasheets with what each of some 100 settings actually do, you have to pay for the damn things, but throughout my playing nothing seemed to actually alter the color problem below. Some searching showed information on blown ICs - where could I find replacement ICs, and would this fix the problem? How difficult would it be to solder? I have some small electronics soldering experience, psps and DS's and such.

Pictures of problem:

And the product sticker on the back:

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Based on my experience as a former TV repairman.

Modern TVs are typically not user serviceable to the component level.

Unless you really know what you are doing, you're going to wind up with a very large door stop or spending a lot of money for a professional to complete the job.

Many of the ICs are proprietary and factory marked. Unless you have access to the schmatics and service manual, you're probably out of luck. They also may be SMT (surface mounted) which requires different tools.

I am not saying this to discourage you, but just being realistic. Add the price of the service manual to the cost of the TV at a minimum. Add the price of a new/refurbished main logic board as well. Add the price of a new bulb (at least $129.00) since that will probably be the next thing to go.
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Hey, don't worry about discouraging, this is what I'm looking for.
If it's outside a casual electronics kid, that's 100% fine, and glad to know it. Hoping someone might have some insight on this model specifically, but from what I've told you, and the pics, it'd be impossible to correct the convergence without actual internal repairs?

This was my advice to someone in another thread:
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