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whats thew best free program to burn a torrent to a dvd?

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i got torrent of a movie
so i tried using dvd flick to burn it to a dvd
the quality wasnt the best
whats the best free program to use?

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Did you play the file before you converted it? For free, dvd flick is hard to beat. If you want a better dvd, than either get a better quality vid or buy the dvd.

I don't know about either but I hear HCenC is quite good: If those are Cam or ts, you're wasting your time burning them. Scr are tape and don't convert that great always plus the timer is annoying. Tc are usually good, DVD Scr (there is a Property of whoever every 15-20 minutes where the screen shows black abd white) and DVD Rip are best though they will never match the quality of a commercial DVD, as said. DVD R is best of all but in a torrent, you're using 9 or 10 G of bandwidth, Newsgroups, 4.5 - 5 G.
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errr.. why are we guessing... what's to say this isn't a psp or iphone video at 400x300 res or less???

we don't know anything except it looks crappy .. and that's subjective.. I have seen dvd-r rips which have been pixelated to hell and back at 8 gigs too.. piracy has a price.. sometimes low quality and shoddy rips ;)

anybody got a good English soundtrack for hannah montana?.. instead of one made from 2 different recordings XD
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could u just download the iso of a dvd? like if u burned it urself and burned it with dvd decpryter and dvd shrink?

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Sure, then just use ImgBurn to put it on DVD. Probably the best burner out there, free or not: (download at top).
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