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2 dvd's movie whit Smartripper 2.41

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by bere, Jan 19, 2004.

  1. bere

    bere Guest

    has anyone an idea how to rip Lord of the ring (2 dvd's movie), cause when i rip the movie and wanned corvert it with DVD2ONE i get next error "the logical block number does not match with the actual position in the file. Make sure you copy all the files from the DVD to HD in file mode"

    please help

    greets en thnx

  2. sheppy124

    sheppy124 Regular member

    Apr 3, 2003
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    Try using dvd de-crypter instead, I i have problems with smart ripper i use decrypter, if i have problems with decrypter i use smart ripper, Generally sort things out for me.
  3. bere

    bere Guest

    oké i'll try it, but did you ever rip a movie like this i mean cd1 to one folder and cd2 to another folder then make a dvd by joining the 2 folders with
    dvd2one or what are the steps i should be follow

    nota: sorry for the language

  4. slmh1296

    slmh1296 Guest

    if you first use dvd shrink or decryptor.then use tmpgenc dvd author making only one track and use the first part of lotr as clip one and the second part as clip two the output will be combined as one movie but you may have to use dvd shrink to get the files small enough to fit on one dvd thats the short of it.here is a guide http://users.skynet.be/contra/dvddouble.htm good luck.
  5. bere

    bere Guest

    oké thnx i'll try that too



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