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A tiny bit of video which won't go away

Discussion in 'Other video questions' started by LordBug, Aug 25, 2004.

  1. LordBug

    LordBug Member

    Aug 3, 2004
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    I have some videos. Nicely encoded anime episodes from my DVDs.

    To get them into neat little per episdoe files, I split them with VDubMod. It's the only program which worked.

    My problem - I just can't get the split happening at the right spot. Heat Guy J for example. Right at the end of each episode, there's a screen, black, with one of the characters talking, and the title of the next episode. Then the episode starts, after a blank screen.

    The splits Have the entirity of this end screen at the end, but a portion of it at the start (From the previous episode).

    VDubMod only seems to be letting me remove by keyframes, instead of all frames. I move the slider to the blank screen, but it jumps back to the previous keyframe for the intro. I try to select this tiny section and delete it, but it stays there no matter what.

    It's driving me a little nutty.

    Does anyone happen to have any advice?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Minion

    Minion Senior member

    Sep 28, 2003
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    Well it is True..You can only Cut AVI files on a KeyFrame unless you want to re-encode the AVI file and set new KeyFrames....Or you could decompress the File to Uncompressed AVI or useing the HuffYUV Codec and then every frame would be a Key frame and there is no quality loss going from AVI to Uncompressed AVI or to AVI useing Huffyuv but they do take up a Lot of Disk Space....

    Why didn"t you just edit the Vob files off of the DVD instead of Converting them to AVI First???

    There are a few Programs that can edit Vob/Mpeg2 files on a Frame accurate Basis without affecting the Quality..Like "Womble Mpeg2VCR" or "Womble Mpeg Video Wizard" you can even add transitions and effects ....
    Doing it this way you would save Time and not affect the Quality like when going from DVD/VOB to AVI...


    Virtual-Dub Mpeg2 can handle VOB files but it can only render to AVI

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