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Backing up 1 dvd on to 2 dvd-r's

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by mx6bfast, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. mx6bfast

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    Oct 19, 2004
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    I have been doing some research since I just got a pc with a dvd burner. One thing I am looking for is the ability to backup 1 dvd, say star wars for example, and then be able to keep the movie at no compression and split it over 2 dvd's. As far as extra's, I'd like to choose which ones I can keep. I have used DVD Shrink and it's pretty easy, but I'm a freak and want the best picture available. I've tried using Menu Modder, but I still need to figure the software out. I think DVD Stripper has the option to split but I was having trouble with it. Is there any software out there that can split the files on to 2 dvd's? Preferrably some freeware? Every time I go to other guides I don't know which guide to look at.

    I can't justify buying dual layered dvd's just yet.
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  2. RicTheRed

    RicTheRed Guest

    DVDshrink will do it for you.

    You have to select where you want the first part of the movie to end, with the start/end frame in re-author mode.
    You select where disc one is to finish and note the time. Copy on HDD

    You select where disc two starts (usually just a few seconds before the end of disc one)Copy on HDD.

    You can even download from the dvdshrink website a "please insert disc 2" mini clip that you include at the end of disc one.


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