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BIG ProBlem!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'DivX / XviD' started by dannylu88, Mar 5, 2003.

  1. dannylu88

    dannylu88 Member

    Mar 5, 2003
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    i recently downloaded some anime series on divx ... and it works fine... but then after a while my hard drive check disk came on and it doesnt work

    but not all of the anime is bad only a couple of episodes i used gspot to try to find a codec or something but it says bad header not a valid avi file and i cant watch it anymore

    anybody else has this problem???
  2. PopWeasel

    PopWeasel Member

    Mar 4, 2003
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    1) As far as the Check Disk utility coming up while you're watching a video: You should do general system maintenance to make sure your hard drive is ok and not dying (hard drives do wear out and fail and depending on what make/model yours is, some fail more frequently than others. I won't mention any names here but you would do well to stay away from any hard drive company that begins with the letter "I" and ends with the letter "M" and has the letter "B" somewhere in the middle.

    General Maintenance Steps:
    a. Restart computer.
    b. Close all programs.
    c. Run Norton WinDoctor if you have it. Fix
    any errors.
    d. Run WindowWasher or Norton Fast & Safe to
    clean unecessary junk off the drive.
    e. Defrag with your favorite defrag utility.
    f. Run Norton DiskDoctor or Check Disk with the
    "Fix Errors" option checked.
    g. Go watch Seinfeld.

    Hopefully your hard drive still has some life left.

    2) As for the downloaded videos playing for a little while and then not working: You don't need to use GSpot because since the video was playing for a little while we know you already have the correct codec installed. Your problem is that you have a corrupt avi file. This happens with downloaded avi's sometimes. Go to http://divfix.maxeline.com/ and download DivFix. You can use it to strip the index and then rebuild the index which will hopefully make the video playable. Before you use DivFix on your video I would suggest making a copy/backup of the video in another folder (subfolder from where it's located will work) first in case it doesn't fix the problem. That way you won't have "added problems to your problem." Also, read the readme.txt file at the DivFix site.

    I also noticed a post from cmichel04 in the forum that mentioned a program called DivXRepair. I haven't used this program yet but it claims to be able to fix bad divx avi's by removing bad frames. Whether or not this will make the video "jump" from the last good spot on a movie (before a bad spot) to the next good spot on the movie (after the removed bad spot) remains to be seen. You can download DivXRepair at http://divxrepair.sourceforge.net/ As always, before you try to repair it you should back it up first.

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