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.bin Files, What Are They? and How Do I Use Them?

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by Shin555, Jul 12, 2003.

  1. Shin555

    Shin555 Guest

    Hi, I have just downloaded a .bin file of a game, what is it and how do i use it?

    Please let me know...

    Oops, i have just read the faq's of .bin files, but it meant nothing to me because it was a bit too technical.

    Can someone PLEASE explain to me in a simple, yet detailed, effective way.

    Answers much appreciated!!
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  2. Praetor

    Praetor Moderator Staff Member

    Jun 4, 2003
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    BIN files are just CD images. That is, the contents of the cd are contained in one neat little file. Whereas the BIN file contains the important stuff, another file is typically associated with them. Those are CUE files. The CUE file contains information about the BIN files. Both are important however if you had to choose between one or the other, the BIN files are the ones that matter.

    Now the entire purpose of BIN files is to be able to simply transfer the contents of a cd onto another cd. To do so, you need to burn a cd image. There are several programs available to do that.
    1. Nero BurningROM
    2. CDRWIN (the original makers of the BIN format)
    3. PadusDiscJuggler
    4. FireBurner
    I think Alcohol and BlindWrite do cd images but since I have never used them before, I dont know. Another member might be able to help there.

    Burning Instructions: NERO
    1. Open Nero
    2. Click File
    3. Click Burn Image
    4. Specify the CUE file. Click OK
    5. Burn as usual

    Burning Instructions: CDRWIN3.x
    1. Open CDRWIN3.x
    2. Click on the button that says "Record Disc"
    3. Click "Load Cuesheet"
    4. Specify the CUE File
    5. Click Start Recording

    Burning Instructions: CDRWIN5.0x
    1. Open CDRWIN5.0x
    2. Click "Write CD/DVD Image"
    3. In the upper right component of the program, find the CUE file and drag it into the middle right component
    4. Burn as usual

    Burning Instructions: Padus Discjuggler
    Same instructions as CDRWIN5.0x (or close enough)
  3. Shin555

    Shin555 Guest

    "Specify CUE file"...

    ...what do i do here, as i don't know what the cue file is and i don't have information on it.

    Thanx for replying earlier...

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