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Blindwrite isnt working, and i'm trying to back up a dc game

Discussion in 'Video - Software discussion' started by ThaSunGod, Aug 21, 2005.

  1. ThaSunGod

    ThaSunGod Guest

    The game i'm trying to back up is Fire Pro Wrestling D for dreamcast... i've tried alcohol 120, and blindwrite, and they copy the darn game in like 5 seconds... anyone knows a good program that will do the job effectively?
  2. ThaSunGod

    ThaSunGod Guest

    man i know this isnt write.. blindread is only saying the game is 3.9 megabytes and i know that isnt true... how can i read past the encoding and dump this cd?
  3. ThaSunGod

    ThaSunGod Guest

    ANy-ee one? u'll get a cookie!
  4. ThaSunGod

    ThaSunGod Guest

  5. DVDBack23

    DVDBack23 Administrator Staff Member

    Jun 19, 2005
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